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penny dreadful meme; one monster

[amun-ra, lucifer, the original serpent prince] I want you to be the mother of evil. I want you to rule the darkness with me. At my side. Looking over a black, scorched, dead world. Where there is no more pain, because there are no more hearts to feel. We have eaten them all, thee and me. And together we will conquer God. Topple him from his bloody throne, and rule in his stead.

E v e r l a s t i n g .

(Small) Masterpost of Money Earning apps and Websites


Tapbooty- great for earning a casual dollar or two, and can be used on mobile, or webpage!

InstaCG- perhaps the easiest, and fastest method to earn points. You can easily earn $5 in one day without much hard work. As far as I know, InstaCG does NOT have an app.

Swagbucks-  Also one of the easier websites to use, and a great variety in rewards, along with contests to earn other cool free things. This one has an app, and can be one on webpage.

Powercoins- This one gives you $1 just for signing up, and with a little work, you can cash out on some great giftcards. To my knowledge, it does not have an app.

Reward Galaxy- this one is super easy, but requires a little work. For each person who clicks your link, you will earn one point. Rewards start at just 9 points, so for each person who visits under your link, you can earn!

Listia- Okay, this one isn’t exactly for earning money, but more for jewelry and other items you like. It works like ebay where you place a bid, the difference is, everything is free! You use Listia Credits to bid on items, which can be earned by giving away things you no longer need or want anymore. Definitely worth signing up to this one as I’ve already won 2 books, and 7 or 8 necklaces.

Bing- Bing is perhaps the easiest site to use for rewards because all you have to do is search. However, searching can be timely so after signing up with bing, use PogoCheats and BingSearch to do it automatically for you. *Note: PogoCheats is for PC and BingSearch is a Mobile App

FeaturePoints- Everyone has probably heard of this Mobile App so give it try! don’t forget to use NAHBYF under the refferal code for extra points!

JunoWallet- JunoWallet is an app where you can earn free money as well and reedem for giftcards. It will also randomly reward you sometimes with other offers which you can add to your “wallet” and use later on. use invite code JV3076651 for a bonus when signing up!

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